1. Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, passionfruit & watermelon salad with cinnamon cream. Doesn’t look fancy, isn’t meant to. But so tasty last min dessert (Taken with instagram)

  2. Mocktail hour

  4. Art deco obsessions

  5. New quilt and sheets awwww yeaaah. It’s like sleeping on heaven

  6. My sisters rat dog

  7. Blondie hates his hair like this. And hates his beard. And isn’t a fan of cats. He’s like the anti tumblr dreamboat.

  8. Little window in my kitchen

  9. The start of a delicious vegan pea soup.

  13. I just found this photo of my beautiful pals Jim and Phoebe on fb. They were at a wedding. How cute are they? I miss you guys.

    They live in new south where we just moved from

    yes I realise it’s sideways. deal with it.

  14. Breakfast of watermelon and Danish feta

  15. New bedroom!